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How to choose the right kitchen color?

There are many types of kitchen units, depending on the material, quality and financial budget, but at least as important is the choice of color. What color is best for your kitchen? We will help you with your choice!

Marble pattern in white and beige

These are the most commonly used shades, especially for kitchen counters made of natural materials such as granite or quartz, but even those who choose shades of laminate boards like these shades because they are neutral and suitable for different kitchen counters and styles. They are bright, but not as difficult to maintain as snow white.

Snow white

The snow-white color is a truly elegant color, whether it is a kitchen counter or a counter. One thing is certain: the snow-white kitchen looks stunning and at the same time very delicate. The white board is ideal for minimalist households, but also for modern interiors.

In small kitchens, in combination with a white cabinet, it increases the space, while in larger kitchens, it creates a great contrast with a more pronounced wooden cabinet.


Wooden kitchen counters are rarely used, but more popular are counters and boards made of laminated wood. They are ideal for white cabinets and Scandinavian-style kitchens, as they complement the overly sterile white with a bit of a warm shade.

Black or dark

Black or completely dark kitchen cabinets work well with white or dark kitchen cabinets and covers. In a completely dark kitchen, they are used only if we want it to fit into the environment, but only if the kitchen is spacious and well lit by natural or artificial light. And with the white kitchen cabinet, it creates a great contrast and can also be used in smaller kitchens.


Pale gray kitchen counters have become more and more popular in recent years and almost suppress the popularity of classic beige or cream lines. The reason is simple, gray is as neutral as beige and has similar shades, but it fits much more into the popular minimalist design.