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modern sofa

Suitable couch for the living room

The sofa is the dominant piece of furniture in the living room. Choosing the right one may not always be easy. To make the whole purchase process easier for you, we have prepared a few points for you to consider when choosing them.

Functionality of the seat        

Above all, we expect the quality of the seat from the seat. The seating area should therefore provide comfort. The backrest should provide support for the back. The main principle is that you should not immerse yourself completely in the couch. Such a session is not healthy for your spine. A low couch is best for sitting and lying down. Removable or separate pillows will provide comfort on it.

Space for a small or large couch

When furnishing a living room, it is important to keep in mind that you will not achieve quality relaxation in a confined space. The size of the seat will therefore depend on the size of your living room. Choose simpler shapes for a small living room. Choose models with smaller armrests. Sofa beds are also suitable. Buy stools or bean bags instead of another chair. A corner sofa is also suitable. For the larger room, you can choose a separate U-shaped sofa or sofa.

The material of your couch

Above all, the seat material should be durable and durable. It should not be easy to abrade or tear. For families with children, the surface treatment of the fabric is also an advantage, which guarantees easy cleaning.

The most durable material is leather. In order for the skin to retain its resistance and elasticity, it is necessary to take care of it regularly. The cheaper choice is eco-leather. Its advantage is a lower price and suitability for allergy sufferers. However, it is less durable.

Fabric seats are the most affordable. Modern materials are easy to maintain and clean. You will also find water-washable or water-repellent fabrics.

Color for a modern seat

The color of the seat completes the overall look of the interior. You should pay close attention to its selection. Choose a upholstery fabric so that the couch in the living room stands out aesthetically. The trend is natural, neutral colors: sandy, shades of brown and olive green and amber. In addition, turquoise, mint and purple are still in fashion.

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