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white kitchen unit

What about the white kitchen counter

The classic experience of pure white kitchens has been present for a long time. Why is this trend still maintained? The white color is a sign of purity, small spaces are more spacious thanks to it and brightens originally darker rooms. However, a white kitchen in combination with a pure white kitchen unit can look too cold. In order to "heat up" this white color, it is recommended to add certain elements to the room. We can achieve this by mixing metal elements of contrasting colors, fabric, adding wooden elements.

Effects of metals

Copper, bronze, brass and polished nickel can add a slightly warmer effect to a white kitchen counter. Wall lamps with gold colors, hanging white decorations with a pinch of gold color add a bit of luxury to white.

Paints and metals

Compared to the excessive use of a wide range of metals, it is often sufficient to choose one contrasting color which, in combination with a metallic color, can provide a truly unexpected effect.


It is a completely original idea to stick wallpaper in the kitchen. In any case, the wallpaper adds color, dynamism and life to the white kitchen counter.

Colorful kitchen island

An integral part of the Anglo-Saxon style kitchen is the kitchen island. Painted kitchen islands with a wooden frame are often found in white kitchens, because they not only create a contrast, but also add elegance, prosperity and abundance to the kitchen.

Tile carpet

Using a rug is an excellent option when you want to display colors and patterns around a pure white kitchen counter. However, the truth is that the carpet is a dust collector and poses a tripping hazard. We circumvent these problems with a simple tile carpet, which is much more practical and interesting than an ordinary carpet. 

Colored ceiling

With a painted ceiling, you can bring unusual colors into the space. Ceilings are usually painted in one of the shades of white. However, in the case of a white kitchen with an elegant white kitchen unit, a colored ceiling is a great idea!